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BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.

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Kitty fart

Vine by Cersei


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But the story involved someone else, as well; the woman I had first, known as Geillis Duncan and known later as Geillis Abernathy, at whose behest Ian had been kidnapped from Scotland, imprisoned on Jamaica, and had suffered things that he had only lately begun to tell us. x

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How to spot a fake geek guy:

  • says robin is useless
  • says aquaman is useless
  • worships batman bc batman is invincible
  • doesn’t “understand” superman because he’s not relatable or interesting
  • makes “hero vs hero” posts
  • probably smells like axe

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removing the text from an image


constantly referring to a blood elf as a night elf


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found two kitties cuddling by the sea

this is more romantic than anything i’ve ever done in my life

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“”By stripping, you’ve taken the easy way out!” Oh, really? Okay. In that case, I challenge you to enter a room full of men and separate them from your rent. Tonight. Within eight hours. Remember—strippers don’t get paychecks, and every dime you make must be personally hustled. I challenge you to make this money while being only one among dozens of other attractive women hustling for the exact same dollars. I challenge you to have the same charming conversation eighty times over the course of eight hours with increasingly drunk and nasty customers. I challenge you to make yourself seem like eighty different men’s exact fantasy eighty different times in eight hours at $10 a pop. I challenge you to work in a field where your very body is the product you sell, and yet still keep a loving self-image (among other things, I was recently told that my breasts are not “real breasts” because they are “small and ugly”). I challenge you to listen to such misogynistic venom throughout the night that you find yourself clutching your steering wheel on the four a.m. drive home sputtering ” fuck you, fuck you” to the silent darkness of the night. I challenge you to understand that, even though you’re socking away money so your family can have a better future—when the world finds out what you do, you are to them only a “bad mother,” a “bad wife.” I challenge you to be a “dumb slut” in the eyes of the world when your heart is beating with brilliance and art. “Taking the easy way out,” huh? Okay. I challenge you to be a stripper.”

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